a lucky man
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Mass Effect Trilogy
Male Shepard & Hannah Shepard
Male Shepard (Mass Effect), Hannah Shepard
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Trans Male Character, Family Bonding, Fluff, MERweek2021
Part 2 of MERweek2021
Published: 2021-09-21 Words: 331 Chapters: 1/1

a lucky man


Shepard didn't get to meet up with his mother during his transition. Now they meet again in person for the first time in years.


Entry for Day 2 of the 5th annual Mass Effect Relationships week

Prompt: long time no see.
Describe or draw a reunion between two or more people. Had they anticipated the reunion in a positive or negative way? Had they thought about them often, or not at all? How much time has passed and are they happy to see each other?

a lucky man

Shepard is not sure how long it’s been.
He’s called her, they have talked over voice and video, he has written messages and updated her on the things going on in his life like the good son he is. But with her position on the SSV Einstein and his own assignments, not to mention his N7 training, it’s been a few years since they last met in person. And in that time, he has changed a lot.

She’s already sitting at the table, two steaming cups in front of her. She’s looking at him while he approaches and he raises a hand to greet her. Hannah Shepard’s face breaks into a smile – he grins at her and jogs to the table where she stands up and hugs him. He hugs her right back.

He can’t say why he’s so relieved. She has always supported him, even though she didn’t understand it at first, why he had to do this, in general and now. But she respected his wishes even when she didn’t understand them, and she listened. He’s well into his twenties, but he’s never to old to feel his mother’s arms around him, showing her support.

“It’s good to see you,” he murmurs.

She holds him tighter for a moment, then she releases him and holds him at arms' length to look him up and down. “It suits you,” she says. “I have a handsome son. Sit down, sit down.”

They sit and Shepard takes the cup that she obviously ordered for him. It’s exactly how he likes it.

Alliance protocol is clear, a person’s stated gender is how they are addressed, so since coming out, he has never been misgendered other than on accident when meeting new people who didn’t know his name. Yet not only having, but feeling his mother’s support is worth more than he can put into words.

“And I have a wonderful mother,” he says. “Thanks, mum.”

“Anytime, John.”

John Shepard is a lucky man.


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