Enthusiastic YES

While there is a variety of tropes I read in smut, and some I don't, there are a few constellations and elements that rarely fail to make me invested. Should you decide to write smut for me in a fanfiction exchange, you're likely to hit my taste with the following things.

  • sex as characterisation (e.g. behaviour during sex touching or building upon known characterisation for requested character)
  • mutual desire, lust & horniness, especially if it's decoupled from romantic feelings
  • characters desiring each other carnally with enthusiastic mutual consent
  • friends with benefits or fuckbuddies
  • aromantic allosexual characters
  • het sex (especially from the POV of male characters), femslash
  • trans men topping
  • bad decisions around sex
  • unsafe sex (risk of STDs or pregnancy risk)
  • ill-advised sex for a variety of reasons: sex to which the characters fully consent but they still don't really want it, sex that puts people in compromising situations, sex that they consented to and even wanted but then regret
  • consensual but undernegociated sex and kink, falling into kinky dynamics without really talking about it
  • sex of characters who don't really know what they're doing, but they discover it along the way and not everything goes necessarily perfectly (it can go perfectly though, if you want to write that kind of wish fulfilmemt/fantasy)
  • characters not knowing or not knowing how to communicate their own boundaries, and ending up dancing on the line between exploration and self harm
  • sex while having feelings about something else: stress relief sex, sex while grieving a loss, sex against boredom, etc.
  • sex in which not everything works as the partners expect, e.g. no erection, or someone loses interest mid-sex, (satisfying) sex without orgasm
  • sex as or instead of communication
  • kink: Dom/sub dynamics during sex, impact play (spanking, flogging, caning), rope bondage, orgasm denial, consensual/prenegociated nonconsent incl. somnophilia
  • generally with kink: consideration of actual / realistic risks, aftercare, consideration of emotional state of all participants


things that will result in a solidly good story for me, that you can include anytime

  • m/m sex
  • sex in an established romantic relationship
  • sex with strangers, anonymous sex, or for requested couples: identity porn
  • various sexual acts: vaginal, anal, cunningulus, intercrural, ...
  • various sex positions: doggystyle, missionary, wall sex, ... be creative
  • various places: from bedroom, other places at home, hotel sex, to semi-public or public sex
  • masturbation, sexual fantasy or dream
  • threesome, orgies
  • polyamory
  • various levels of sexual experience in characters, from virgin to sex god
  • exploration of complicated power dynamics between the people involved
  • voyeurism
  • inclusion/mention of bodily fluids and functions, I don't mind if things accidentally get a little dirty
  • explicitly safe sex (contraception, condoms, dental dams)
  • various combinations of top/bottom and dom/sub, switching
  • genderbent characters, i.e. writing a character as a different gender than in canon
  • characters knowing with certainty what they want

Do Not Want

things that make me enjoy the fic less, and might make me stop reading

all unless requested otherwise

  • special focus on just romantic connection and love during sex
  • omegaverse - what I like about it is the horniness and pure lust and foregone conclusion / inevitability of sex, the rest of it doesn't do it for me
  • kink: medical, watersports, 24/7 Master/slave, choking, age play, daddy kink, pet play, permanent bodily harm, ignorance of actual / realistic risk of any given kink
  • incest
  • noncon between a pairing I ship
  • cheating in established relationships
  • jealousy as justification for pressuring someone / jealousy being treated as the right/righteous position
  • manipulation of birth control
  • underage characters
  • trans male characters receiving vaginal penetration
  • mpreg of any kind
  • soulmates
  • cross-generational age difference

things that will make me stop reading a fic

  • forced feminisation of male characters (i.e. a character/the world is forcing a male character to act/become female)
  • glorification of overstepping boundaries and bad bdsm etiquette à la 50 Shades of Grey (you can write it, but tag it for what it is)
  • any kind of bestiality