Mosh Belek Maresh

rpg system: Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

Mosh is a force-sensitive Zabrak. He's part of the old Jedi order. He was raised in the Jedi temple on Coruscant. But when the time came to be chosen as a padawan by a Jedi master, no one chose him and he was sent to serve with the agricorps where he drove tractors while dreaming of the stars.

As a young adult, he was chosen for a pilot project: a Jedi master was allowed to take on older students - and chose, among others, Mosh. Finally he was free to become a true Jedi! With his padawan colleagues and a mechanic from coruscant, he is sent on various diplomatic missions to keep peace in a galaxy. Meanwhile, the Trade Federation gains power, and a certain Jedi Master Doku has set his eyes on the group ...

Liron Tehezabeh bid-Nahum

rpg system: Splittermond (german fantasy setting)

Liron is a gnome from a family of Keshabid lock and trap builders from Ashurmazaan. He himself went on to become a fire-mage, much to the dismay of his family, as fire magic is not well looked-upon by their culture, which instead values artifact magic and enchantments. But being chosen by fire elementals and with a strong aptitude for flames, Liron saw now other path than join the Mahjad academy for elemental magic.

Despite their differences, he still does the occasional work for his family - that's what he did when he met the group of people with whom he now travels. He is quick to talk, to act and to a lesser degree to anger, and is accompagnied by a taciturn wolf-man who protects him from physical danger.

During his latest assignment of behalf of his family, he met a group of people travelling on a flying sailboat with whom he ended the plague that kept the city in its hold - by freeing the ghost of the mighty mountain spirit that was trapped in its dying body, and by allowing the egg of a new mountain spirit to hatch. His assignment now finished, he is free to travel and decided to stay on the flying sailboat with his new friends.

Video Games

Sardar Ryder

game: Mass Effect Andromeda

specialisation: tech/combat, main weapons & skills: invisibility + assault rifle

characterisation: logical/professional

romance: fling with Peebee, flirting that went nowhere with Reyes, relationship with Cora

status: finished game

Oswin Cadash

game: Dragon Age Inquisition

profession: fighter / Champion

romance: relationship with Josephine

status: game in progress

Kelvin Shepard

game: Mass Effect 1 & 2

background: spacer / sole survivor / infiltrator, paragon

decisions / story points: Wrex survived Virmire; Shepard sent Kaidan (as an engineer) to deal with the bomb and Ashley (as a soldier) to deal with the fighting, and then chose to go back to Kaidan to make sure the bomb took off

romance: no relationship in ME 1, relationship with Tali in ME 2

status: currently near the end of ME 2