You're likely to hit my taste with the following things.

  • adventure, travel, roadtrips
  • life-changing trips/treks through hostile environmental conditions
  • casefic, plot-heavy fic
  • missing scenes
  • canon divergence AU
  • deserts, mountains, polar regions, forest regions
  • specific descriptions
  • religious themes (various religions, real or fictional)
  • historically accurate technology
  • family in all its complexity
  • found family
  • friendship, especially focus on friends as main relationships for a character
  • cross-generational friendship
  • good mentors
  • queer themes
  • genderbent characters, i.e. writing a character as a different gender than in canon
  • aromantic characters
  • queerplatonic relationships
  • queerness as part of life without special focus on it
  • use of period-typical queer terminology and conceptualisation
  • coming out later in life
  • genderqueer characters of of any couleur
  • focus on female characters
  • worldbuilding-focused crossovers
  • focus on worldbuilding in general: logistics, infrastructure, culture, anthropology, ...
  • utopias, imagining and writing about a better past/present/future
  • linguistics, conlangs
  • other cultures that are different from ours (on a superficial level, but also under the surface, the things one takes for granted, the underlying world views, the implicit beliefs)
  • magical realism
  • unreliable narrators
  • epistolary fiction
  • outsider POV
  • exploration of masculinity
  • yearning for other things than romance
  • exploration of a vast range of emotions (take me on an emotional journey)
  • smut (link to my smut preferences)

Do Not Want

things that make me enjoy the fic less, and might make me stop reading

all unless requested otherwise

  • treating friendship as "lesser" than romance
  • AUs that change the setting (coffee/flower shop, highschool/college AU)
  • AUs that change a character's backstory
  • on page rape/noncon
  • stories that are thematically about childrearing and parenthood
  • sickfic
  • unrequested crossovers and fandom fusions
  • dystopias
  • presenting the world as the best world it could possibly be (and thus eschewing any progress)
  • climate nihilism
  • (tbc)

things that will make me stop reading a fic

  • (tbc)