english language fics


  • his own gift from God: epistolary exploration of Priest's faith and his love and desire for Fleabag and what it means for them

Good Omens

Green Rider

  • In the Mountains: OC & Ty Newland, OC gets a magic ability that helps him alleviate gender dysphoria

Harry Potter

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect trilogy

  • A Lucky Man: trans masc spacer Shepard meets with his mom for the first time since transitioning

The Memoirs of Lady Trent

  • Studying Dragons: the Flying University helps connecting young women, not just with their academic interests

Rivers of London

  • Bintumani: Elsie Winstanley and Mamusu Grant have a roadtrip/adventure together in 1970s Sierra Leone
  • Breathe, breathe in the air: Peter/Beverley and Peter/Old Beverley Brook (metaphysical) sex scene (explicit)

Rogue One

  • The Darkest Prison: Baze and Chirrut are both in a dark place but at least they have each other