fics with queer themes


  • A Lucky Man: Mass Effect Trilogy, trans masc spacer Shepard meets with his mom for the first time since transitioning
  • Breathe, breathe in the air: Rivers of London, Peter/Beverley and Peter/Old Beverley Brook (metaphysical) sex scene (explicit)
  • In Any Other World: Mass Effect Andromeda, past Reyes Vidal/Scott Ryder, Scott muses about their time together
  • In The Mountains: Green Rider, OC & Ty Newland, OC gets a magic ability that helps him alleviate gender dysphoria
  • Sleepless Night: Good Omens, Crowley can't sleep and Aziraphale comforts him
  • Studying Dragons: The Memoirs of Lady Trent, the Flying University helps connecting young women, not just with their academic interests
  • The Darkest Prison: Rogue One, Baze and Chirrut are both in a dark place but at least they have each other
  • What We're Made Of: Harry Potter, trans Viktor Krum with Hermione Granger at the Yule Ball


  • Spürst du die Funken: Harry Potter, Dean/Seamus getting together with greyromantic bisexual Dean and gay Seamus
  • Von Familienglück: Harry Potter, aroace Charlie Weasley and soon-to-be-married Bill Weasley talk about what they want from life